Revitalize Your Gut Health with KFR's Water Kefir!

Embark on Your Gut Health Journey with Our Delicious Water Kefir.

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Discover the Power of Water Kefir

At KFR, we're all about gut health and delicious taste. We're proud to offer a range of Water Kefir that not only satisfies your thirst but also provides numerous health benefits.

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What is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir is a fermented, non-alcoholic, probiotic soda made with live, active cultures. It's a perfect alternative to traditional sodas, offering a natural, vegan, and organic option that's great for your gut's health. Our fermented beverages are packed with beneficial bacteria, have no added sugars, and are 25 calories or less. Plus, they're delicious - giving you the feel of a fruity soda without the guilt.

Our water kefir gives your digestion the boost it needs with living, active probiotics, that come from the organic water kefir cultures we use! Whether you're on your way to work, at your favorite spin class, or just want a refreshing mocktail, our water kefir is perfect for you!

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Why Choose KFR?

Our focus is on creating a drink that's beneficial for your health and tastes great. We're all about delivering high-quality, flavorful beverages that will make you rethink your soda choices. That starts with using organic juice only to flavor our water kefir. No added sugars, artificial sweeteners, "natural flavors," etc. This allows us to give you a clean, chemical free taste with every sip!

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Become a Wholesaler

Interested in bringing the benefits of Water Kefir to your customers? We encourage you to contact us about becoming a wholesaler. We're excited to partner with businesses that share our passion for health and quality.

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Find Us Locally

For customers looking to experience the refreshing taste of our probiotic sodas, head over to our store locator page and find the nearest location to you. We're excited for you to try KFR and discover your new favorite drink!